• Max International Review investigates MaxGXL, Max N-Fuze, Max WLX, Steven K Scott and the (MLM) Max International Business Opportunity. READ BEFORE JOINING!

Max International Review

Max International Review

What Makes Max International Different from Other MLM’s?

After 37 years of being a health fanatic and an athlete, and 22 years of marketing health and wellness products, I’ve taken just about every supplement know to man. I’ve seen a lot of products and companies come and go, which has given me a pretty keen radar when it comes to MLM companies that market health and wellness products.

Max International is a company that was established in January of 2006 that is beginning to make some noise and is worth us taking a closer look at.

Based in Salt Lake City Utah, Max International is a Network Marketing company that is dedicated to improving people’s lives through science-based research, high manufacturing standards, and case studies that confirm that the products work. Max International also offers a home based business opportunity through Direct Sales and pays its sales force generously, using a hybrid binary compensation plan. With the myriad of juice companies that are battling it out on the MLM scene, Max International stands out with a one of a kind product where there is no competition.

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Max International’s Nutritional Product Line

Max International‘s product line currently consists of three health and wellness products all of which are backed by scientific research and double blind placebo studies from major universities, which are verifiable and quantifiable through a blood test. As much as I love this product line,  I just recently found another product that helped me to lose 11 pounds in 8 days and 20 pounds in 18 days. Find out about this amazing weight loss product by clicking:  Lose Weight In A Week .

MaxGXL “ The Flagship Product

MaxGXL was developed by Dr. Robert H Keller while he was working with AIDS and cancer patients. Dr. Robert H. Keller discovered that when his patient’s glutathione (GSH) levels dropped dramatically, his patients became increasingly sick and in most cases died. He also found that when he was able to increase the levels of glutathione of his patients, they lived longer, happier, healthier and more vibrant lifestyles. (read more)

Max N-Fuze and Nanotechnology

Max N-Fuze uses nanotechnology to deliver vitamins, minerals and herbal ingredients that support optimal cell function, cellular communication and build your cellular defense system. Using a squeeze tube, simply squeeze the gel into your mouth, swish for 20 seconds and swallow. (read more)

Max WLX Weight Loss Accelerator

Max WLX was designed as an all natural, weight loss accelerator that uses a messaging hormone called œleptin to communicate to your brain when you have had enough to eat. Backed by UCONN Clinical Results, participants at the University of Connecticut lost an average of 21.5 lbs of Fat in 8 weeks! (read more)

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Max International Business Opportunity

Max International has chosen Network Marketing as the means to sell their world class products to the public. I grade MLM business opportunities in several areas.

1) Leadership

2) Is the product consumable and effective?

3) The Comp Plan

4) Timing and Positioning

5) Potential longevity of the business (read more)

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Steven K. Scott

Founder and co-owner Steven K Scott is a busy man. From being one of the two largest infomercial giants in the world, to authoring a number of best selling books and now heading the Max International family, you’d think there were four of him. But there’s not, there’s only one Steven K Scott. (read more)


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